Vishal Ganpati Temple

Vishal Ganpati Temple, dedicated to Lord Ganesha, is unarguably the most sacred religious destination of Ahmednagar city. It is located in the southern part of Ahmednagar city, very near to Malwadi bus stand. This immensely sacred temple is completely draped in pristine white marble, which also makes it very architecturally beautiful. The temple’s construction in white marble was largely inspired by the famous Birla Temple in Jaipur city. However, unlike famous Birla Temple in Jaipur, Vishal Ganpati Temple isn’t recently constructed temple. The construction of this temple dates back to more than 100 years and for many generations it has been like a spiritual oasis for people of Ahmednagar.

Vishal Ganpati Temple
There is a very interesting story about how this temple gained prominence and fame among the local people of Ahmednagar city. The story is that many decades back visiting devotees suddenly witnessed Lord Ganesha deity sweating. Seeing Lord Ganesha deity in perspiration was nothing short of miracle for devotees and since that day the Lord Ganesha deity enshrined in this temple is considered as the most special god deity of entire Ahmednagar city.

However, this temple’s Lord Ganesha deity clad in red color is so beautiful that it doesn’t require any miracle stories to convey how beautiful and special it is. Besides being naturally beautiful, the idol is also pretty huge and also bears many unique features. It is 3.6m tall and its unique blessing posture and shivalinga coiled by snake originating from navel further adds to the aura of this deity. It is suffice to say that more than the architectural beauty of the temple and the make-believe miracle story, it is the sheer beauty of Lord Ganesha deity that has been and even today continues to draw thousands of devotees’ every day.

Every year during Ganesh Chaturthi festival this temple, needless to say, really comes alive with beautiful decorations and thousands of visiting devotees. In fact on the first day of Ganesh Chaturthi the entire precinct of this temple turns into a devotional carnival, as thousands of Ganesha bhakts from far across Ahmednagar district come here on the auspicious day for Lord Ganesha’s darshan. Even the who’s who of Ahmednagar city including MP’s and MLA’s throng this temple on this auspicious day. Before summing up, it is very apt to say that Vishal Ganpati Temple is unarguably the most popular spiritual address of Ahmednagar city. It has been so for more than 100 years and obviously will continue to be so forever. Today its popularity, in fact, is such that it is not merely a popular religious destination, but is one of the defining landmark places of the Ahmednagar city. Hence and very obviously, tourists visiting Ahmednagar city for the very first time must without fail include this temple in their itinerary list. Spiritual vibes of this famous temple will surely imbibe the tourist as it has done to the locals here for more than a century.

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