Transport in Ahmednagar

Any city that aspires to become an economically developed city surely needs to have a very robust transportation service in place. Ahmednagar, which certainly aspires to become an economically developed urban city, has over the years taken great stride in improving its lethargic transportation service. As a result today Ahmednagar city finally has a local bus service, more auto rickshaws than ever before, huge number of private travel agencies. And of course not to forget the ever dependable S.T buses and Indian Railways, whose frequencies over the years have been increased immensely; in order to enhance Ahmednagar’s connectivity with rest of Maharashtra and India.

Below is a complete breakdown and brief information on all the transportation services available in Ahmednagar city.     

AMT Bus Services in Ahmednagar

AMT bus service is today by far the most affordable local public transportation in entire Ahmednagar city. This bus service is actually ppp (public private partnership) project between Ahmednagar Municipal Corporation and Prasanna Purple Pvt Ltd. As of today it runs 23 buses on daily basis covering 6 routes in Ahmednagar city and carrying over 20,000 passengers to different parts of the city. It is definitely a very modest bus service as compared to Mumbai’s BEST and Delhi’s DTC bus service. But, for upcoming city like Ahmednagar, which few years back had no local bus service, even this modest bus service is much needed relief for local people.

The AMT bus is completely draped in white color with name ‘Purple’ written on it. However, the interior of the bus and the facilities inside it are pretty much the same that one gets in BEST or DTC bus service.

Auto Rickshaws in Ahmednagar

Transport in Ahmednagar

Ahmednagar has a pretty robust and efficient auto rickshaw service. Auto Rickshaw stands are located at all the important locations of the city, but the biggest one is obviously located just outside Ahmednagar Railway Station.

One important feature about Ahmednagar’s auto rickshaws is that they don’t charge commuters on the basis of meter. The auto fares are already pre-decided for all locations in Ahmednagar. Ahmednagar auto rickshaws bear the typical yellow and black color.

S.T Buses in Ahmednagar

The ever dependable S.T buses don’t need any introduction for people of Ahmednagar or for that matter people of entire Maharashtra state. This government owned intercity bus service has connected Ahmednagar to literally all the important cities and towns of Maharashtra. This includes Nasik, Sangli, Baramati, Solapur, Dhule, Malegaon, Kalyan and many other important cities of Maharashtra state. The two big bus stands in Ahmednagar are located in Tarakpur and Maliwada.
Without a doubt S.T bus has played a very important role in connecting Ahmednagar to all mainstream cities and towns of Maharashtra. Today for thousands of people of Ahmednagar S.T buses are indeed like a lifeline.

Private Travel Agencies in Ahmednagar

Today there is no dearth of private travel agencies in Ahmednagar city, who ply their private buses/cars between Ahmednagar and many other important cities of India. They also provide range of cars on rental basis for sightseeing and traveling to many religious destinations in and around Ahmednagar city. As matter of a fact today thousands of tourists arrive at Ahmednagar via train and then hire a car from tour agencies to travel to important religious destinations like Shani temple or Shirdi Sai baba temple.
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