Society of Ahmednagar

Society of Ahmednagar

The true characteristic of any society is reflected through lifestyle of its people. Their habits, their way of life, rituals, cuisine and many other important aspects of lifestyle. In the case of Ahmednagar, the lifestyle of its people can be summed up in mere one word: simplicity. Here people’s lifestyle still exudes the soulful fragrance of rural India. The dresses that people of Ahmednagar wear, the food that they eat, the way they speak and everything that they do is overwhelmed with simplicity.

There is no glitz and glamour of urban city here. But that doesn’t make Ahmednagar city and its people any less colorful in anyways. If anything the simple life here is like a fresh breadth of here. And when you couple this simplicity with immense religious harmony that exists here, then Ahmednagar’s society comes across as a very vibrant and dynamic society. Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs have been co-existing peacefully in this city for thousands of years and are doing so even today. In fact the sheer effortlessness with which people practice religious tolerance here is indeed a humble tribute to India’s astounding diversity.

In the end, it can be claimed that Ahmednagar’s society unarguably does have a beautiful soul in it. That soul is the simple life that people live here.

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