Healthcare Facilities in Ahmednagar

Health Care Serivces in Ahmednagar

Today Ahmednagar is blessed with a very robust healthcare and medical service. As today the city has more multispecialty as well as general hospitals than ever before. This is equally true about blood banks, chemist shops, ambulance services and other important health services like dental clinics. But, the phenomenal rise is not just in quantity, but also in quality. This is amply proven by the fact that today Ahmednagar‚Äôs booming healthcare industry attracts thousands of patients not just from Ahmednagar city, also from far across Ahmednagar district.   

With 24X7 healthcare facilities, many hospitals in Ahmednagar have upgraded their healthcare infrastructure for the treatment of corona affected patients. They also provide ambulances that are equipped with ventilator, ECG monitoring device and paramedic staff. Separate ward equipped with ventilators and testing lab for the treatment of patients they are doing a lot to ensure the early recovery of Covid 19 affected patients. Pathlabs of this city are equipped to carry out RT-PCR, COVID-19 Antigen Tests, COVID-19 Antibody Tests. You can also find medicines for Covid 19 patients in this part of Maharashtra.

Here are some of the silent features of healthcare services in Ahmednagar

  • Has highest number of multi specialty and private hospitals in entire Ahmednagar district. Some of them are in fact most technologically advanced hospitals in entire Ahmednagar district.
  • Is also home to the largest government hospital in entire Ahmednagar district. The government Civil Hospital is located in the famous Savedi area.
  • Some of the renowned hospitals like AnandRishji Hospital and Noble hospital enjoy flawless record in cardiac surgeries and other complicated operations.
  • Many private hospitals boost huge OPD (Out Patient Department) which are visited by patients from all over Ahmednagar district.   
  • Ahmednagar is the only city in entire Ahmednagar district that provides services in Physiotherapy and Psychiatry. 
  • Ahmednagar city has highest number of dental clinics in entire Ahmednagar district.
  • There is no dearth of blood banks and ambulance services either in the city.
  • Hordes of chemist shops are located all around the city. There are even 24 hours chemist shops in areas like Pathardi and Bhingar.
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