Geography of Ahmednagar

Geography of Ahmednagar

From the context of geography, Ahmednagar city is immensely lucky to be part of an area that is immensely rich in geographical features. In the proximity of Ahmednagar city lay beautiful hills, many important rivers and also even few forests.

Below we’ve given details of geographical features that not only make up the geographical features of Ahmednagar city, but also of the entire Ahmednagar district.

In the very proximity of Ahmednagar city, precisely in the western part of the Ahmednagar district, lie hilly off-shoots of the famous Sahyadri hills. These hills are Kalsubai, Adula, Baleshwar and Harishchandragad. Among these Kalsubai and Harishchandragad are trekking hotspots in Maharashtra state.

Important rivers like Paravara, Mula, Sina and Dhora lay in the proximity of Ahmednagar city.

Bhandardara dam and Mula dam are the two most important dams that lay in the adjoining towns of Ahmednagar city. Mula dam, officially known as Dnyaneshwarsagar dam, is responsible for supplying water to the entire Ahmednagar city.
Dense forests are found in the western parts of Ahmednagar district.

As for climate, Ahmednagar city and also the entire district comes under dry zone. Hence the city experiences dry and humid climate for most part of the year. The humidity does come tad down during monsoon and winter season. The average rainfall received during monsoon season is minimal 501.8 mm.

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