Entertainment and Nightlife

Nightlife of Ahmednagar
Ahmednagar's nightsky

Entertainment and nightlife scene in Ahmednagar city is unfortunately not that vibrant. This is mainly because Ahmednagar is still a semi urban city and second tier city of Maharashtra. Few cinema halls and beer bars are all that Ahmednagar can boost off on entertainment and nightlife front. Among the cinema hall E Square Multiplex in the famous Savedi area is the only multiplex of the city. Besides, there are few renowned restaurants like Meghnand lawns and Restaurant also in Savedi area where Orchestras and Gazal shows are regularly hosted during late evenings.

Today the entertainment and nightlife quotient may be little dull in Ahmednagar, but in coming years this is surely expected to change. In fact the change is already visible as today the city is slowly tiring to realize its dream of becoming a full-fledged urban city. The uber cool urban symbols like Cafe Coffee Day, Dominos Pizza and Big Bazaar have already opened their outlets in Ahmednagar and are today doing pretty roaring business. The success of these popular chains of restaurants and super market stores is surely an indicator that today people of Ahmednagar are ready for change. And they are more than willing to explore different avenues on entertainment front.                          
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