Ahmednagar Tourism

Ahmednagar tourism will take you into intimate journey of rich Indian medieval history and will also submerge you into deep spiritual and religious journey. It is indeed the unique combination of history and spirituality that Ahmednagar brings forth which makes it such a distinct tourist destination. Although today Ahmednagar is far from being a sought after tourist destination, but potential for developing a booming tourism industry in the city is immense. And the dream to realize this potential is actually receiving immense boost as the city is taking much needed stride towards economic development.

Irrespective of whether or not Ahmednagar does realizes its tourism potential, we bring to you a low down on all the landmark places of Ahmednagar and also services/facilities that tourists get to enjoy in Ahmednagar city. 

Ahmednagar Tourism
Salabat Khan's Tomb

Historical Monuments

As mentioned earlier Ahmednagar shares a very deep tryst with Indian history and hence is home to some of the must see historical monuments. Here is a break down on all the historical monuments of Ahmednagar that today invariably have  become hottest tourist destinations of the city.
  • Ahmednagar Fort: Unarguably the main tourist destination of the city. Read more
  • Chand Bibi Tomb: More than this historical monument, the immense lush greenery surrounding it is the main attraction here. Read more
  • Kot Bagh Nizam: One of the evergreen symbols of erstwhile glorious Nizam Shahi Empire.   
  • Damadi Masjid: Located very near to Ahmednagar fort, this 16th century mosque is a must see for all the avid lovers of architecture. Read more
  • Faria Bagh Palace: This humongous palace was constructed during the Nizam Shahi Empire. Today it stands in a very ruined condition, but nonetheless is still worth visiting.
Tourism in Ahmednagar
Shani Temple in Ahmednagar

Famous Religious Destinations

Today Ahmednagar is one of the spiritual centers of Maharashtra state. Since it is home to and also shares immense proximity with some of the most sought after religious destinations of the country. Below is a complete list.

  • Vishal Ganpati: Located at the very heart of Ahmednagar, this Lord Ganesha temple is the most celebrated religious destination of the city. Know more
  • Samadhi of Meher Baba: Located around 9 kilometres in the south of Ahmednagar city, Samadhi of Meher Baba is today one of the sought after religious destination of our country.
  • Shani Temple: This is one of the very unique temples that you’ll ever visit. As evident from the name itself, this unique temple is dedicated to God Shani. It is located 34 kms away from Ahmednagar and is again one of the most visited temples of India.
  • Shirdi Sai Baba Temple: This immensely famous temple surely doesn’t need any introduction. It is already amongst the most popular temples of India. It is located around 80 kms away from Ahmednagar city. Know more

Other Popular Tourist Destinations

Besides being home to important historical monuments and many sacred religious destinations, Ahmednagar city also offers other interesting tourist destinations. This includes ‘Tank Museum’ which is one of its kinds in entire Asia and is surely a must visit. Another interesting tourist destination is the famous weekend gateway destination ‘Mula Dam’, located at the outskirts of Ahmednagar city.

Accommodation and Transport Services

Ahmednagar city doesn’t have any luxury 5 Star Hotels, but there are decent numbers of luxury 3 star and 2 star hotels. As for the lodges and guest houses, there is no dearth of them in Ahmednagar city. They are located at all the important locations of the city and serve guests and tourists round the year.
As for transport services, below pointers explain everything about Ahmednagar’s transport services.

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  • Auto rickshaws are by far the most popular and also the most efficient local transport service in Ahmednagar city. The biggest rickshaw stand is located just outside Ahmednagar railway station. Please note that auto rickshaws in Ahmednagar don’t charge on the basis of meter. The fare is already decided depending on which location commuters want to travel. Greater the travel distance, obviously higher is the fare.
  • Ahmednagar does have a local bus service, namely AMT Bus service. Although the bus service isn’t as robust as Mumbai’s Best buses or Delhi’s DTC buses. As of today, there are only 23 AMT buses plying daily on Ahmednagar roads that carry nearly 20,000 commuters daily. AMT buses are draped in complete white color with the name ‘Purple’ written on it.
  • Ahmednagar doesn’t have an airport and nor does it have a local train service. The nearest airport is Chatrapati Shivaji Airport in Mumbai, located around 300 kms away from Ahmednagar.
  • Visiting tourists can also avail rental cars from hordes of private tourist agencies in Ahmednagar.

Best Time to Visit Ahmednagar

The winter season, generally from October to Feb, is by far the best season to visit Ahmednagar. The average temperature during this season hovers around 20 degree Celsius. Avoid visiting during Summer season. This is because Ahmednagar comes under dry zone and hence temperature during Summer season is tad unbearable. Ahmednagar being under dry zone also implies that it receives very reasonable shower/rain during Monsoon season and hence visiting the city during Monsoon season isn’t really a bad idea.

Emergency numbers for tourists 

Here are some emergency numbers of police administration and ambulance service in case if you as a tourist face any law and order or medical emergency situation in Ahmednagar:

  • Local Crime Branch: 0241-2416111.
  • Police Head Quarters: 0241-2416114.
  • Control Room: (0241) 2416132/2416138/2416100.
  • Kotwali Police Station: (0241) 2416117.
  • Tophkhana Police Station (0241) 2416118.
  • Bhingar Police Station (0241) 2416121.

Ambulance service

  • Raosaheb Patwardhan Patasanstha – Savedi area: 9422224956.
  • Nobel Ambulance - Savedi Road area: 9423928700.
  • Firodiya Trust: (0241) 2355120.
  • Shaneshwar Trust: (0241) 2326003
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