Ahmednagar Railway Station

Ahmednagar Railway Station is one of the two most important railway junctions of Ahmednagar district. The other one being Karjat Railway Station. Ahmednagar Railway Station obviously plays a very important role in connecting Ahmednagar to all the important cities of Maharashtra and many more important cities of other states. Besides its obvious importance in connectivity, Ahmednagar Railway Station is also very architectural beautiful. Built completely with masonry stone during British era, the monument of Ahmednagar Railway Station looks indeed very beautiful and the view is indeed worth capturing. 


Given below are names of all the cities that Ahmednagar is directly connected via train. Simultaneously no of trains available for respective cities from Ahmednagar station have also been provided. 
  • Pune: 21 trains. 
  • Solapur: 6 trains.
  • Manmad: 25 trains.
  • Aurangabad: 4 trains.    
  • Mumbai: 1 train.
  • Nagpur: 8 trains.
  • Sainagar Shirdi: 5 trains.
  • Patna: 1 train.
  • Ahmadabad: 1 train.
  • New Delhi: 7 trains.
  • Bangalore: 4 trains.                                   

Facilities at Ahmednagar Railway Station

Although Ahmednagar Railway Station is an important junction, it is yet to undergo modernization. However, it does have all the standard facilities that are generally found in all the railway stations across India.
  • Only 2 platforms.
  • Waiting room.
  •  Retiring room.
  •  Vegetarian refreshment hotel.

Important stations in and around Ahmednagar city

  • Rahuri Railway Station: 40 kms away from Ahmednagar city.
  • Padhegaon Railway Station: 25 kms way from Ahmednagar city.
  • Kedgaon Railway Station: 14 kms away from Ahmednagar city.
  • Daund Junction: 82 kms away from Ahmednagar city.
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