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Tank Museum

Cavalry Tank Museum, popularly known as Tank Museum, in Ahmednagar is one of its kind museum in entire Asia. As in entire Asian continent there isn’t another tank museum. But, what is really unique and special about Ahmednagar’s Tank Museum is that its collection of war/battle tanks were used in some of the most important wars witnessed in modern history. This includes World War I, World War II and even wars were India was engaged including the famous 1971 War were India triumphed over Pakistan.

Tank museum

This historical and one of its kind museum is part of the Armoured Corps Centre and School in Ahmednagar, which is one of the many army schools located in Maharashtra state. This unique museum has included 50 historical war tanks in its collection. The most prominent and major attraction amongst all is British Mark I which had participated in World War I and Armoured Car II which played a pivotal role in World War II. But, for Indian patriots the major attraction is Vijayanta Tank. India’s first indigenous battle tank that had played a significant role in India’s memorable victory over Pakistan in 1971 war.

Indian patriots also must not miss Pakistani tanks like Chaffee, Walker-Bulldog and Patton that were used against India in 1965 and 1971 Wars. Other chief attractions here are Germany’s Schwerer Panzerspähwagen (which adorns Nazi army’s swastik mark on it), British Valentine, Japanese type 95 HA-GO and Tyand-97 Chi- Ha, Sherman Crab flail Tank and M-47 Patton Centurion Mark ll. Each of these tank participated in many important wars of modern history.

A important point about all these tanks that needs to be mentioned is that there is a small write up on each of the tank, informing the viewers about the significance of the tank. Another important piece of information that surely needs to be brought to notice is that this museum strictly prohibits visitors to enter inside the tank. Visitors have to be contained with exterior view of the tank, which actually in itself is an exciting and absorbing experience.

Tank Museum Ahmednagar

The museum also houses a small cafeteria, where visitors can take pleasure of breakfast and recreation time. The cafeteria is located exactly at the entrance of the museum. But the really good thing about this museum is that it is really well maintained and is surrounded by lush greenery, which only adds to the recreation value of this museum. Indian army, who funded and opened this museum, are sole custodian of this museum and indeed have done a commendable job in good maintenance of this museum.

Overall, a visit to this museum will surely lend a distinct experience. As how many times anyone in his/her entire life will visit a museum that is completely dedicated to battle tanks. And that too to a museum that is only one of its kind in entire Asia. Cavalry Tank Museum is without a doubt amongst the must visit places of Ahmednagar city. Here one will surely have a pleasant experience, even if one has scarce interest in war history and military hardware.

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  • k
    ken griffin from Houston texas 732 Days ago

    I like contact email or mailing address for the museum. I have some question for them like how did rare A9 cruiser tank end up at the museum

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  • T
    Tom Gray from Wetherby, England 961 Days ago

    I would like to contact the authorities responsible for the Tank Museum at Ahmednagar, how do I do this in writing and who should I address my query to?

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    Gitanjali Bhallafrom New Delhi 882 Days ago

    I would like to mention that the Cavalary tank museum in Ahmednagar was conceived and set up by my father Maj Gen Inder Luthra. Sadly his name besides the plaque at the entrance hasn't been mentioned anywhere.

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