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Religious Spots in Ahmednagar

Ahmednagar district’s ceremonial title of being one of the religious centers of Maharashtra is obviously due to immensely sacred religious destinations located all across the district. Many of these sacred religious destinations are located in the capital of the district, i.e. Ahmednagar city. Besides, there are also quite a few sacred religious places in the important adjoining towns and villages of Ahmednagar city.

Below is a brief description of all the top religious spots in Ahmednagar, i.e. sacred temples, mosques, churches and other sacred places concerning other faiths and religions.

Religious Spots in Ahmednagar

Vishal Ganpati Temple

The most famous and celebrated temple of Ahmednagar city, Vishal Ganpati temple has been the most beloved and cherished temple for Hindu devotees of Ahmednagar city for more than 100 years now. Its iconic status can be compared to that of famous Siddhivinayak temple of Mumbai. Besides its iconic status, the temple’s aesthetic beauty visible through its complete white marble construction and of course the Ganesha idol that sits in unique blessing posture obviously enhances the spiritual fervor of visiting devotees.

Shri Datta Temple

Although not a very old temple, but this Lord Dattatreya Temple is today one of the most visited temples of Ahmednagar city. This is all thanks to the beautiful architectural building that it boosts and immense peace and spiritual solace that it offers to its devotees. In fact in terms of architectural beauty, this temple is today by far the most beautiful temple of Ahmednagar city. One distinct architectural feature of this temple is that it has been constructed with special pink colored Bansi-Pahadpur stones that were specially imported from Rajasthan. And this has obviously given the temple a very beautiful look.

Shukleshwar Mandir

This lord Shiva temple in the Bhingar camp area is unarguably one of the oldest temples of Ahmednagar city. This temple is believed to be more than 1000 years old. It is in fact believed that this temple belongs to the Ramayana era. With such rich history associated with this temple, it is obviously amongst the most visited and auspicious temples of Ahmednagar city.

Anand Dham

Anand Dham is a beautiful lotus shape monument where the samadhi of famous Jain saint Sant Acharya Anandrishiji resides. Although there are quite a few Jain temples throughout Ahmednagar city that are equally sacred, but Anand Dham holds a bit more special place among Jain devotees. This is so because Sant Acharya Anandrishiji was immensely revered by Jain devotees during his lifetime and is revered even today. Besides, Anand Dham is also a tourist destination and hence attracts not just devotees from Jain community but also devotees/tourists from other communities.

Religious Spots in Ahmednagar

Christ Church

Christ Church located in the famous Bhingar camp area is unarguably one of the most sacred churches for the Catholic Christian community of Ahmednagar city. The church is also constructed very beautifully and is surrounded with immense lush greenery. Besides, this beautiful church is located in the very heart of the city, invariably making it accessible for local Christians. And one can’t also forget to mention that this church has 150 years of glorious history.

Hume Memorial Church

This is another very sacred church of Ahmednagar city. Besides Christ Church, this is by far the most sacred church of Ahmednagar. It is also pertinent to mention the architectural grandeur of this church. It is constructed completely in gothic style, which makes it uniquely beautiful and a worthwhile tourist attraction.

Samadhi of Meher Baba

Religious Spots in Ahmednagar

Located in a small town of Meherbad - 30 kms away from Ahmednagar – today Samadhi of Meher Baba is indeed an international pilgrimage center. Hence Samadhi of Meher Baba is today visited not just by devotees from Ahmednagar and India, but also devotees from far across the world. Meher Baba was a enlightened soul, who with his universal teachings of love and peace had touch the lives of millions of people across the world. Today people of Ahmednagar feel very proud that such a great man had lived and breathe his last in their city. His sacred samadhi is today indeed a pride of Ahmednagar city.

Dargah Daira

A very small and beautiful Dargah where the tomb of famous Sufi saint Hazrat Shah Sharif resides. However, what is really special about this Dargah is that it is not just visited by Muslim devotees, but devotees from all religions and castes. This Dargah is undeniably one of the proud symbols of religious harmony and tolerance in Ahmednagar city. It is located to very near to the famous Damadi Mosque, which is known for its architectural beauty.

Other famous religious spots:

Here is name of other famous religious spots. Few of these spots are not located exactly in the heart of city Ahmednagar, but a bit from it. But, nonetheless are still popular among the devotees of Ahmednagar.

Amruteshwar Mandir in Navi Peth, Narsimha Temple in Bhatodi village, Burahan Nagar Temple near Kapurwadi Lake, Shirdi Sai Baba Temple (85 kms away from Ahmednagar) and Shani Temple (34 kms away from Ahmednagar).

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