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Ahmednagar Fort

A beacon of rich Indian history in the middle of Ahmednagar city. That’s exactly what the famous Ahmednagar fort is. This gigantic and humongous fort is replete with memories from Indian history that have unarguably shaped the destiny of our country. From being the symbol of rise of the Nizam Shahi dynasty, to the testimony of ascendency of Mughals, to having witness the meteoric rise of Marathas and more importantly playing a very important in India’s freedom struggle, Ahmednagar Fort has treasured in its humongous fort some of the most precious memories from Indian history. It is this special tryst with Indian history that makes Ahmednagar Fort one of the most important historical monuments of India and hence also one of the most celebrated landmark places of Ahmednagar city.     

Amhednagar Fort

History of Ahmednagar Fort

This historical fort was built by Malik Shah Ahmed in 15th century. He was the first sultan of Nizam Shahi dynasty and by constructing this humongous fort he had pretty much laid the foundation of Nizam Shahi dynasty in the city of Ahmednagar. This historical fort though may look little unassuming and even unimpressive to viewers at the first glance. As unlike other famous forts of India it does not evoke any awe and admiration among its viewers immediately. But, its humble and ordinary look from outset is actually mere deception.

A closer look into the interior of this fort will make one realize and appreciate the fact that this fort was one of militarily and strategically well built forts in the history of India. In fact Ahmednagar fort during medieval India was one of the invincible & unconquerable forts of India and it was indeed the invincibility of this fort that had helped Nizam Shahi dynasty to build its root in the Ahmednagar city.

Architecture of Ahmendnagar Fort

One of the invincible features of this fort was 24 bastions, which were obviously constructed to defend military invasions. During hey days each bastion held 8 guns in it and had indeed played an important role in making this fort a military fortress. However, today most of the bastions are in little ruined condition, but nonetheless witnessing them makes one aware of one of the prominent features of this historical fort.                  
But, as mentioned earlier, it is Ahmednagar fort’s special tryst with India’s history that makes it so special and worth visiting. Some of the greatest personalities of Indian history have lived some of their intimate moments here and also some of the greatest events in Indian history have occurred inside this very fort. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru authored his most celebrated book ‘The Discovery of India’ inside this very fort when he was imprisoned here by the British. Aurangzeb, one of the greatest emperors of all time, also breadth his last inside this famous fort.

This fort is also an ultimate symbol of rise and fall of many powerful empires, as many great empires including Mughals, Marathas and British had conquered this fort during their ascendency but surrendered it during their downfall. In other words, this fort is testimony of India’s rich history and gives a rare opportunity to relive some of the historical events that have unarguably shaped the fate and fortunes of this country.

Today this historical fort is under the administration of Indian Army. The Indian tricolor flag fluttering atop the fort signifies it being under the custodian of Indian government. But, the fort is still open for general public. Today the major attraction here is a museum which actually was a jail where many Indian freedom fighters including Pandit Nehru were imprisoned. And of course it also reminds as much about all other historical events and ups & down that it has witnessed during 5 centuries of its existence. For diehard history lovers this fort is surely one of those heavenly places on the earth.

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